selfHi There! My name is Josephine and I create art in many forms but specialize in oils, acrylic, and graphic pencil. I even sew! I do this part time and have a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design from Columbia College Chicago. My one and only love will always be with art. I have been involved in it since I was very young and can’t imagine a world without art. Something to make your day brighter, make you smile, make you wonder.

I specialize in portraits. Something about capturing the essence of a person in an image, their personality, is very striking to me. There is so much emotion held in the eyes or a smile and I love being able to transfer that to the canvas.

I also love recreating art from movies and still images. Being able to pick apart every detail in the image to make it just right makes me happy and keeps my OCD in check, sort of. I am a perfectionist by nature and strive to get everything done correctly the first time and put long hours to get it to my standards.

I do dabble in sewing as well. A convention I attend every year allows me to create works of art that my friends, siblings and myself can wear all day long. I don’t consider myself an expert in any form as I am still learning everyday, but learning to sew in high school has bettered my life in ways I didn’t know were possible. Being able to alter my own clothes and family members has come in handy over the years and while in high school I learned to read patterns. From there it took off. Now I alter patterns to fit my needs for costumes and daily wear as needed.

A desk job is fine to pay the bills but I cannot see myself only doing that with my life. Art is in my blood and it pours out of me onto the canvas in ways that even surprise myself. I cannot stop making art as long as I am breathing.