With only three short weeks left until the big Black Friday event I still have quite a bit of work to get done and now less time to do it with a job starting in a couple of days. There will be lots of energy drinks in my future for sure.

This is the work progress I have made so far. The owl I’ve been working on is just about done only some darkening to the forehead and feather work around the edges. Marilyn is prepped for painting and just needs to be transferred and started. Tomb Raider is transferred and just waiting for paint. The Chicago Bean is about 1/2 done in the drawing up stages and my Sunflowers are only an idea so far no pencil to paper yet.

I will be taking photos of all work I have completed so far and have prints of each. There will be jewelry of some items. I will be raffling off a special item that I have yet to decide. I have ceramic ornaments. There will also be the original work of art up for sale as well as on display. Lots of work to be done. Lots.

Below are some images from the work I have been working on listed above.

12219557_792756800847045_1028171453078625012_n 12208664_790739411048784_9436072722737773_n 12196189_792756177513774_8690538464594264946_n