Been meaning to add in a Status Update on here but life it seems has a way of throwing curve balls. I am still working 50-ish hours a week to maintain bills. Not even a life style, just bills. So when an opportunity to actually go out comes up that I can participate in then I take that. But honestly doesn’t happen often with current work hours.

Lets start with projects. Last mentioned I had a few paintings in the works and was looking to get those done by November. I did complete 2 of those paintings. Both were for a member of the Burlesque Community I am proud to know. We did classic Black and White paintings. It was a test for me to do one of them in Acrylic paints as I choose to work in oils primarily due to its long drying time and manipulative nature. I have also started a few but have not completed a few other paintings that I am hoping to finish in the coming months. Lots of ideas running through my head and almost everything adds more to my list of projects that I want to explore.

The big prep and then the craziness that is ACen 2017 came and went. Started early and still we were crunching to get items done the first day of the convention. Actually took this year to enjoy the con and let the little stuff go. So if something wasn’t done to 100% I got it to about 85-90% and let myself accept that and relax. Which is a first for me as I have a very OCD nature about perfection. Created 6 new costumes between my friend and I. Our feet were dead by the end of day two. We did pairings of characters for day: Red Queen and White Queen Marvel, Star Guardian Janna and Syndra LoL. Then a pair of sexy Slytherin students for the Saturday night rave. This year we dared to work with Satin again. It just looks so good. I also tried my hand at a 4 way stretch for the first time and did not do a half bad job for just learning to work with it.

Clean up from ACen took almost a month as I had to get some shelves and new bins for the overflow of extra supplies and newly made costumes. Currently trying to get a table out of my basement so I can move new shelving over to that corning of my work space and open up the floor a bit. As of right now I turn in my chair and the shelf is right there. Convenient but in the way.

Currently working on a few smaller projects to try and get more normal, I can wear to work, not costumes, clothing. Have a pattern drafted off a dress I own to make a dress to match style but not pattern for my friend (Girls night out). Have a small secret project i’m putting together for my buddy that I can’t mention too much of here. And just stocked up on a few patterns and clearance fabric to try and make some “normal clothing” for myself. I also have small ideas for the Bristol Renaissance Faire that I will be attending at least twice this year.

So I will be getting on here more to upload what I can of current projects and you will see some updates in my store as I add some items there that needed to be adjusted to suit my needs of quality for consumer purchase.

Stay tuned.