This was truly a labor of love. My bestie is a HUGE Captain America fan and then I saw a bag that would be perfect for her birthday. However I did not wish to pay $80 for a bag that I knew I could make. Plus it would be one of a kind and not something everyone else would have.


This lead to finding fabrics and vinyl and more to accomplish this. It started with finding the ideal pattern for the bag and Swoon Patterns stepped right in and did just that. The Annette by Swoon was the perfect bag to get the look I wanted and perk had a few more pockets that were unplanned.

Secondly fabric choices were needed. I was able to find vinyl that was like butter and in the perfect shades of blue, red, and silver (star) to go with the bag. This came from Once Upon a Yard that after so many years of being open (I only just started shopping there) is closing their doors the end of this year and is currently closing out their inventory. Naturally i’m swooping up what my budget allows for including some of the butter soft vinyl for my stash.

The inner lining was a find from Silver Fox Fabrics. Their woven is a wonder to work with and it has a nice weight to it and doesn’t fray like others. All hardware attached were local finds from Joann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby that I just happened to pick up on trips.


Construction on this was the easy part. Even if my machine was not having it some days. I did make this bag on a tiny plastic domestic from Target that I’ve had for over 10 years now. This machine has lasted through fits of anger, hysterical laughter, tears, and much more. So I was naturally impressed that it was able to make something like this.

Whenever someone tells you birthing a bag is easy they may be lying. This was truly a challenge that let me to thinking I would be handing over this mess inside out. But I did get it turned and sealed off.

Now we make it to the final product. Ta-Da.