Superheros are every young boys fantasy and now has become every young girls too. Sometime the boy does not grow up in the sense that they are no longer interested in superheros. They just learn to love them differently.

I had the pleasure of working on a piece for a client that has a love of Batman and then found out had a whole room dedicated to this love.

batman in chicago

This piece was based off of Starry Night as I have a love for Van Gogh. I loved the concept to combine that with a superhero. Chicago skyline was a requirement for the commission so I selected some of the most iconic buildings on the skyline and added those to the lineup. Sears Tower and Stone Building were first on my selection of buildings to really show off Chicago.

Then I was able to play with the colors so that I was not using typical black for buildings and shadows. Color mixing became part of the painting giving it more character and more Van Gogh in its likeness. The paint was very thick on this painting making dry time very long. The thinnest paint applied was on Batman himself.

The client was very pleased with the work. I was informed that the room to feature the work was actually their washroom. They have a Batman theme in the bathroom and now this is going to be added to that collection.