Since we last spoke a lot has happened. I still pattern test for George and Ginger Pattern Co. but now have added at least a few others to my rep. The shear joy of making clothing that I can actually use day to day still amazes me vs just making myself costumes.

Now I have also added becoming a strike seamstress to my list of charming qualities. This means I get to have a bit of the fabrics before they are available for purchase to sew up and showcase them for the time that the fabric is available to purchase. This has been a seriously amazing trip thus far and I am learning so much and making so many friends.

This can lead to be a bit overwhelming at times when everything is happening at once and life doesn’t slow down. But I really would not have it any other way. I like to keep moving and keep going otherwise the creative bug dies.

I do hit moments when the sew-jo is just not there and I either power through (very often) or rest and let my body and mind relax for a day or two if I can afford it. This keeps the burn out from happening.

With everything that has been happening I have been able to get into the occasional craft faire. Not big sales there but i’m new and not many people understand my ideas / choices. I am not discouraged. I keep moving and just do another. When I find my crowd I will know.