I’m at a point in my life were I am thinking “paint all the things”!

I’ve had a change in my life that is allowing for more time for me to catch up with work or to create new pieces. I have since created two pieces and am catching up with two more, all while planning another.

After ACen creative work was at a slow point but I was able to crank out a sweet Monster oil painting for a birthday gift. Shortly after that I was asked for another piece with a Chicago theme and batman.

Right now I am working on two portraits that were long over due and can finally be moved to paint. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and had a lot going on so things were pushed back in my personal life. I’m confident in their completion soon and moving forward with a Lord of the Rings commissioned piece of The Doors of Durin.

I will/am experimenting with glow paints as well to incorporate into my work for a added special effect. Testing has begun with a few spray varieties and a few budget friendly hobby store versions before I cave and get the good stuff.