Life can get the better of anyone at any time. Sometimes you bounce back fast other times it may take some hard work to get back on your feet. This is the latter.

Taking a degree in an art field in current times can be quite hard. Jobs are slim or you need a lot of experience to get in somewhere. I’m not saying that I am old but i’m no longer fresh out of college. So employers may look at me and wonder why I have so little experience. If I could go back to my younger self to tell her anything I would tell her to work harder, experience more (groups, ect) in college, and for the love of god save some of your money.

Beyond that projects continue to grow. I have about three painting in various stages of completeness. I hope and am working to have two of them done by the end of the month or first week of November. That is a little harder now as I requested more hours at my current place of work to help with the foremost mentioned. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

While I balance work with art I also balance a home life as well. My mother recently had surgery and is recovering at the hospital still. I have two little dogs that depend on people in the house to take care of them. This puts a damper in hitting the gym sometimes as I worry about them. They are so used to my mother being home and with no one home they are missing her for sure and need the company.

I sit here and write this while correcting some jewelry pieces to add to my store. Thankfully I was able to pry off the stones and will be able to remove the air bubbles created in the first batch of pendants I made about a year ago. I do not like to create so so work and then try to sell that. I only want the best for any client of mine.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming.