So as you can tell I have been AFK for a time so here is an update of current work. I have taken a break working a semi regular job over the winter months and since Jan have been working on prep for a convention that is this weekend May 20th. I also do work full time in an office as well. Ho hum office work but I get to meet the best people working in a party planning environment and I get some of the best perks too!

So since January I have been working on two dresses. One was started last year and never completed for myself. The other was a new concept for a friend from the same game as mine, League of Legends. We have a whole group that goes every year and we do a group costume but we all work on ours independently. I help my girlfriend with hers as sewing is not her forte but it is mine and she assists with building props as my time is behind a sewing machine so my time is limited in that department. So we share the workload a bit to make sure we get to our deadline in time.

We did get to add two other cosplays to our list for this year that were thrown together. Mario and Luigi are mostly bought items but we were very proud to put these together. Now our last costume is actually for the rave Saturday night. I am putting together an Emma Frost Rave costume and her a Zatanna Rave costume. All on pure whim as I was already in the process of figuring out my rave costume.

I am still working on commissions too for birthdays coming up and will have to crank on those as soon as this event comes and goes. Those will be due in June and July. Some cool paintings coming your way so make sure to watch my Facebook for those updates.