Continuing success on my journey to get farther this year. ACen has passed and a very long clean process started on my work space. Bags were donated of clothing and items from convention and recent fabric purchases finally found homes in bins. This is by far the cleanest my work space has become. I work a bit chaotically you may say.

Making the push to mass cut out a bunch of patterns to get those rolling as prep time takes the longest for me. While I finish up on some small items and alterations that I’ve had sitting on my table for a while now.

Goal by the end of the weekend to see what supplies I am missing and see what I can make based on the supplies I currently have in stock.

Planning the fun stages of Bristol Renaissance Faire prep again. Swash bucklers weekend in July is coming and we will be pirates. Then some very fun purses will make a debut on Heros and Villains weekend in Aug. Looking up fun items to put together and what we can make out of bargain fabrics like sheets. Easy to get to and cheaper than buying yards of fabric.